Group Members






Matt Jacobson                                                           

UCSF MC 2540

1700 4th St.

Byers Hall, Room 408E

San Francisco, CA  94158-2330


415-502-4222 (FAX)


Please note:  I rarely answer my office phone and infrequently check messages there, in part due to an increase in sales calls.  If you wish to schedule a phone conversation, please reach me first by email. 


Administrative Analyst


JoAnne Williams (on temporary leave)


Please contact Lili Li,


Research Staff


Chakrapani Kalyanaraman

Associate Research Chemist

Predicting enzyme function; protein-ligand docking


Teague Sterling

Computer Systems Administrator



Postdoctoral Researchers


Salma Rafi

Allostery and membrane permeability


Lan Hua

Drug discovery for blood diseases


Michael Chimenti (joint with Mark Kelly)

Fragment-based drug discovery


Siegfried Leung

Passive membrane permeability


Elena Dolghih

Blood-brain barrier including P-glycoprotein


Adam Steeves (jointly advised by John Gross and Dave Morgan)

NIH Postdoctoral Fellow

Protein allostery


Suwen Zhao   

Enzyme specificity/function prediction


Morena Spreafico

SNF Fellow

Computer-aided antibody design


Frank Wallrapp

Enzyme specificity/function prediction


Katrina Lexa (jointly advised by Michael Fischbach and James Fraser)

NIH Postdoctoral Fellow

Macrocyclic natural products in drug discovery


Lili Peng

Mechanisms of drug action on microtubules


Boxue Tian

Predicting enzyme specificity


Qin Wang

Predicting membrane permeability of polyketides



Graduate Students


Monica Tremont

Graduate Group in Biophysics

Multi-scale simulations of microtubules


John Bruning (joint advisor with Robert Fletterick)

PSPG Graduate Program




Current Rotation Students:  Sara Calhoun (Biophysics), Diego Garrido Ruiz (Biophysics)


Summer Students:  Paulomi Bhattacharya (high school student), Linsey Brier (undergraduate student, SRTP)



Group News




Former Group Members





Current Email

Current Position

Ilya Chorny

Sloan Postdoctoral Fellow


Scientist, Illumina

Sergio Wong

Graduate Group in Biophysics


Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Katarzyna Bernacki

NSF Postdoctoral Fellow



Laura Dominguez

Visiting student, Specialist


PhD student, UNAM

Gabriela Barreiro

Postdoctoral researcher


Pfizer (Cambridge)

Niu Huang

Postdoctoral researcher


National Institute of Biological Sciences (Beijing)

Nima Fayazmanesh

MSTP/Graduate Group in Biophysics


UCSF Medical School

Francesca Milletti

Visiting student, Universitą degli Studi di Perugia


Scientist, Roche (Nutley)

Eli Groban

Graduate Group in Biophysics


Scientist, Intrexon

Ben Sellers

Graduate Group in Biophysics


Computational chemist, Genentech

Jerome Nilmeier

Graduate Group in Biophysics


Postdoc, LLNL

Arjun Narayanan

Graduate Group in Biophysics


Scientist, Roche (Nutley)

Colin Smith

Graduate Group in Bioinformatics



Postdoc, Max Planck Institute

Chris McClendon

Graduate Group in Biophysics



Postdoc, UCSD


Former rotation students:  Kale Kundert (Biophysics, 2011), Catherine Shi (Biophysics, 2011), John Bruning (PSPG, 2010), Geoff Rollins (Biophysics, 2009), Andrew Wiser (CCB, 2009), Henry Lin (Bioinformatics, 2008), Kris Kuchenbecker (Biophysics, 2007), Rebeca Choy (Biophysics, 2006), Jeremy Philips (BMI, 2006), Stephen Floor (Biophysics, 2006), Hesper Rego (Biophysics, 2006), Dan Mandell (BMI, 2005), David Lomelin (BMI, 2004), Brian Tuch (BMI, 2003), Chris Farady (Biophysics, 2002). 

Former undergraduate summer students:  Amy Ye (2008 Amgen Scholar, U. Illinois Chicago), Dinah Zaghi and Reina Eisner (2005 and 2006, respectively; both from Stern College, Yeshiva University).

Former student visitors: Daisuke Kuroda (2010; Osaka U.), Jona Mijalkovic (2009-2010; Leiden U.), Alrun Koller (2009; U. Dusseldorf, group of Holger Gohlke), Hod Greeley (2003-2004; visiting graduate student, Columbia University).

Former sabbatical visitors: Pradipta Bandyopadhyay (2008; Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India), EvangelosVageliCoutsias (summer 2008; U. New Mexico), Chris Oostenbrink (summer 2006; currently at U. Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna),